Saturday, November 16, 2013

Writing a Novel: It Takes A Village

So, this happened last weekend:

Which quickly led to this:

So I haven't had much time to focus on editing my second Love Inspired Suspense. It's due December, but only needs a fresh proof read, so some time away might not be a bad thing. 
Instead, I've been sitting with a pencil and a notepad and brainstorming scenes for my next full length novel. 

This is how my brain interprets the structure of a novel into something that encompasses the amount of chapters I need.

I got it from a combination of Susan May Warren's Deep and Wide, and Save the Cat.

After structure, I decided to see how far I could get with a scene by scene/chapter by chapter outline that I stuck to poster paper. I used sticky tack so I can move the scenes around later, or put fresh ones in.
Here's what it looks like:

But that's where I hit a snag. I need to create a whole town (population two hundred), and not just with normal people you find everywhere. Interesting people. Quirky, unique people with colorful pasts. I have maybe a dozen or so already, but some extras would add fun stuff to my novel.
I don't need all two hundred, but I'm planning three full novels and two novellas so a decent handful of characters would make it so I'm not just hanging out with the same people for four hundred thousand words...and my readers aren't either.

So here it is.
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