Monday, April 21, 2014

Publishing Schedule

In case you want to know what book of mine is coming out when, here's my official publishing schedule:

Coming Next:                                        

Double Agent     Love Inspired Suspense               May 1st 2014          

As a spy, Sabine Laduca works alone. But when she investigates her brother's murder, she's forced into an uneasy alliance with his Delta Force team leader. The CIA taught Sabine to trust no one, and Sergeant Major Doug Richardson is no exception. The handsome soldier hides his own secrets, but nothing will stop Sabine from finding out who killed her brother. Not even when the CIA declares her rogue. Now not only is the killer after her, so is the agency. For the first time, she needs someone--Doug. Because only he can help her find the truth...and only he can keep her safe...

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Sanctuary Lost     WITSEC town mysteries book 1      June 31st 2014    
U.S. Marshal John Mason gains full custody of his son 
 and is transferred to Sanctuary, a WITSEC town that isn't on any map. When the town's first ever murder occurs, John's plans to reconnect with his boy are derailed by the investigation.
Andra Caleri gave up her old life a long time ago, but someone wants her out of Sanctuary--to pay. As accusations fly and John uncovers a conspiracy that stretches all the way to Washington, Andra's past comes back in a true test of the mercy she received. Can John give up what he wants the most to bring the truth to light? 

Star Witness       Love Inspired Suspense                 Sept 1st 2014      
SHE THOUGHT SHE WAS SAFE -- Mackenzie Winters spent years building a life in Witness Protection, but when someone shoots at her, she fears her cover has been blown. Could the brother of the drug lord she put away be here for revenge? Mackenzie must rely on her handler's twin, world-weary Delta Force soldier Aaron Hanning to protect her. Aaron doesn't want to be anyone's hero, but he can't let this brave woman die. Now, with danger stalking them, they'll have to make a daring choice that means life or death—for them both. Pre-order now at Amazon and Barnes and Noble            
Sanctuary Buried   WITSEC town mysteries     October 30th 2014
Spring 2015
Fugitive Secrets (Love Inspired Suspense) 
and WITSEC town mysteries series​ Bk 3

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