Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Happy Tuesday!

I'm spending the day over with the lovely Seekerville ladies!
Seekerville is a primarily Christian fiction blog for authors at all stages of their publishing journey. I'll be talking about MAGMA: finding the core of your story. It's about pitching, and focus. And finding what it is about your book that's unique to you, and will grab readers' attentions.

See you there!


Target is free for the next 3 days: May 6 (Tuesday) through May 8 (Thursday). So swing on over to Amazon and snap up your copy!

Special Agent Liam Conners is the only witness to his neighbor’s abduction: the Chloroform Killer has struck again.But when his neighbor, Andrea James, returns from a business trip, they realize the killer’s mistake—her sister has been abducted in her place.Now the killer is coming for Andrea, and Liam and his partner are the only ones standing in the way. Can they catch the killer and protect the target?

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